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Date: Wed Jan 24 15:24:27 2001

> Er, what is RT11? Any relation to TOPS-11?

What's TOPS-11? I'm guessing you mean TOPS-10 or TOPS-20. RT-11 is one of
the main OS's still being used on the PDP-11, along with RSX-11M, RSX-11M+
and from what I've seen to a decidedly lesser extent RSTS/E.

RT-11 is a Real Time Operating System, designed primarily as a single user
OS. Think MS-DOS (not DOS which seriously predates MS-DOS and ran on the
PDP-11) without directories[1], only 6.3 filenames, and with a 30MB partition
limit. While that description isn't very complementary it's a totally kick
a** OS, and a lot of fun. There are extensions that make it capable of
handling multiple users.

If you've got a UNIX machine, you can take RT-11 for a spin using Bob
Supnik's emulator (I'm looking for a MS-DOS executable of the emulator).

For the emulator and emulator disk images see:

or for older versions of the emulator try:


[1] While it doesn't have directories you can simulate them using Logical
Disks (a disk image).
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