VAX-11/780 boot disk

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Jan 24 23:46:19 2001

--- "Clint Wolff (VAX collector)" <> wrote:
> Thanks!
> That is exactly the info I needed... Do you know if a M8061 (RL01/RL02
> controller w/22 bit addressing) will work in a uVAX II?

I have used an RLV12 in a uVAX-II (in a BA-23 upgraded by DEC from uVAX-I
to uVAX-II, just for painful accuracy). It's one of my favorite ways of
migrating smallish amounts of data between DEC boxes not on the same
wires (site-to-site moves), at least it was back in the days of 1200 baud
dial-up. Never underestimate the bandwidth of a VW Beetle with a backseat
full of 10Mb removable cartridges.

> I have a number of RL02s that I want to archive, but I don't want to
> load them into an unknown drive hooked to a system of unknown status
> running software I don't know... If I can test the drives out using
> my uVAX, and archive the software, I can create a new disk pack and
> use it it test the PDP-11/23+...

Good plan. Eventually, I plan to do something similar. My problem
at the moment is a lack of happy RD54s in my BA123. I'm about to
stick a KDA-50 in that puppy and fire up my MBA ESDI<->SDI box that
happens to have a couple of 1.2Gb 5.25" disks in it. If that doesn't
do it, there's an RA-81 in the same rack as the MBA box, but I'd rather
not heat my house with it.


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