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From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Thu Jan 25 10:52:37 2001

>I've seen these things around, a local advertising firm had stacks of them
>they were throwing away. These are basically Macintosh IIfx's clock chipped
>from 40MHz to 50MHz, in a gigantic metal tower case with power and frame key
>locks. An interesting machine, but remember before buying...
>1 - The IIfx uses wacko 64-Bit (I think) SIMMs that aren't compatable with
>anything except a particular LaserWriter. These are VERY hard to find and
>2 - The case weighs a TON. I'm not kidding, think double width MicroVAX II
>tower case here, but with thicker sheet metal. Shipping will be very
>3 - It's still a 68030 processor. A slow Quadra (68040) can give it a run
>for it's money.

In a way its sad, but the once "wicked fast" IIfx now is regularly scrapped
and the boards, memory, etc. sell fairly cheaply. I think I have about a
dozen working IIfx and a fair stash of memory (sheesh, NEVER in my life did
I think I would have this much memory (all sorts, but some IIfx), a pile
about 2 feet across on my dining room table).

The other stuff just makes me want one or two even more, just not to ship ;).
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