VAX-11/780 boot disk

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Thu Jan 25 17:46:04 2001

From: Ethan Dicks <>
>> That is exactly the info I needed... Do you know if a M8061 (RL01/RL02
>> controller w/22 bit addressing) will work in a uVAX II?
>I have used an RLV12 in a uVAX-II (in a BA-23 upgraded by DEC from
>to uVAX-II, just for painful accuracy). It's one of my favorite ways of

it works well and there is support for it through V4 and V5 has the
though they are "unsupported".

>> I have a number of RL02s that I want to archive, but I don't want to
>> load them into an unknown drive hooked to a system of unknown status
>> running software I don't know... If I can test the drives out using
>> my uVAX, and archive the software, I can create a new disk pack and
>> use it it test the PDP-11/23+...

I did it on my 11/23B. I copied them to RD52s (quantum D540) as they
are the most rugged drive I know and I had 8 of them free. That's enough
to hold 24 RL02s and be bootable with RT-11. For safety the most
important ones are duplicates (used two RD52s as images of each other).
Testing so far says RD52s have a shelf life of not less than 12 years.

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