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From: healyzh_at_aracnet.com <(healyzh_at_aracnet.com)>
Date: Thu Jan 25 19:47:20 2001

> No, System 6.0.8 works on it just fine. IMNSHO, A/UX or System 6.0.8
> are the best OSes for it. System 7 is a fat bloated pig of an OS, and
> the more recent MacOS releases are even worse.

Gotta disagree with System 7 being a fat bloated pig of an OS. OTOH, 7.5
and on are. Because of this when I bought my PowerBook 520c new, it came
with 7.1 installed, and disk images for 7.5 on the HD. You could switch to
7.5 when you added RAM, or if you were really stupid you could try it in
4MB. The 16MB RAM upgrade cost $600! This was in '95.

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