Machines I'm looking for...

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Jan 26 05:30:12 2001

>I agree it's not sporting to buy a machine, unfortunately
>I'm still looking for a BC18z VAX cable for my VAXstation
>and am getting tempted to buy one when from e-bay to
>complete a machine.
>I've spent more on the shelves to hold the machines than on
>the machines themselves

One of the regular sellers on a mac list I used to be on offered up an item
I want, the often mentioned Tokamac accelerator for a IIfx. I'm not sure
how much I might have paid, but the attitude killed any deal right at the
start. The "I know I have the toy you want, now beg and wave money"

OTOH I hope I have learned that letting relatively minor amounts of money
get in the way of my fun is NUTS.

The other thing is to not allow yourself to become jaded by getting a few
really good deals. Just because you bought 2 pallets of something once for
$23, doesn't mean thats the new fair price you will always expect to pay.
Retail happens. ;)
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