VAX-11/780 boot disk

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Date: Fri Jan 26 19:02:22 2001

> With that many who cares? I'd just use it as an image copy of
> the real thing. I'd have little interest in booting RT-11 from CD
> as CDs most are slower than MFM! Also how would you handle
> RT-11 SWAP.SYS? That has to be read/write.
> Allison

The key thing with a CD is that you can boot off of CD long enough to
restore your system if you loose a HD, or you can restore files off of one
of the partitions on the CD.

My MutantPDP-11/73 uses a Viking SCSI Controller, and on that I've got a
RRD42 CD-ROM, TZ30, and two 100MB SCSI HD's in removable trays. I can pull
the trays out and stick different ones in if I want to run a different OS,
or I can put them into a bay on my Linux box and 'dd' them to an image file
that can then be FTP'd to my Mac and copied to a CD-R.

I like this as I feel a *lot* safer having the data on CD-R than I would
having the data on magnetic media.

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