OT memory too cheap to pass up

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Date: Fri Jan 26 20:48:16 2001

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<< > Let me cheer you up, $515 for 128MB kit for an AlphaStation 500/333, or
> Sparc 5 RAM 32MB $50-100, or Sparc 20 RAM at about $1.50-2.00 per MB. Of
> course it's the AlphaStation RAM I need the most followed by at least a
> couple sticks of 64MB Sparc 20 RAM. BTW, the Sparc RAM prices listed above
> take eBay into account on the low end! Then there is the 8MB VSIMM I want
> for my Sparc 20, it's about $240.
 Oh, I do sympathise :-) Remember the Apple Network Server that I was trying
 to get parity FPM for? $500 for 64MB.
 I'm going to throw in the towel and just stick non-parity in it. That's what
 everyone seems to be doing these days with ANSes. But I would really love
 that extra security that parity affords, unless someone wants to convince me
 that parity is not all that useful in memory? (I'd love to be convinced since
 you will save me around $300.)

well, its my understanding that all that parity memory will do for you is
stop processing when getting a memory error unlike standard memory which will
supposedly keep going. The ECC memory I have in my IBM PS/2 95 can fix on the
fly if one bit gets out of order as far as i know.

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