OT memory too cheap to pass up

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sat Jan 27 07:09:26 2001

> >> memory prices have dropped. I just bought a 256 MB stick of PC133 for $65,
>>Thanks for making me even more depressed ($80 for 64MB of Mac FPM DIMMs). :-P
>You should have 3 Starmax mac clones of the Apple 4400 like I do, 64 MB of
>3.3v unbuffered EDO 11 row refresh single bank is running about $150.

        I was lucky enough a few weeks back to come up with a
non-working PM 8500 which was loaded with RAM. I gained two
additional 64MB FPM DIMMs for my PowerCurve from it. I've seen them
go for anywhere from $70 up to over $100 on eBay.

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