Machines I'm looking for...

From: Mike Kenzie <>
Date: Sat Jan 27 10:15:29 2001

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> > >Though I dont see whats 'wrong' with buying the
computers you want. since
> >
> > The "wrong" is when it makes the hobby less "fun". A
fair part of what
> > makes it "fun" for me is to bargain hunt, and unrelated
to cost is that its
> Seems highly reasonable. Nobody wants to do something for
a hobby that
> they don't enjoy...
> Finding bargains is, I guess, fun for most of us. We'd all
like to find
> <our favourite machines> for relatively little money.
> On the other hand, I see nothing wrong with spending money
on a machine
> if you will then enjoy programming/using/repairing it. I
don't regard
> that as not 'sporting'.

It's like the difference between the quaterback of the team
saying he won the superblow because he was on the field and
the owner saying he won the game because he paid the players
to do it.
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