Upcoming swap + clearing space

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Sat Jan 27 11:10:41 2001

        CC to port-vax and classiccmp.

        I'll be hauling a goodly amount of stuff to the upcoming Puyallup
electronics swap this year (Saturday, March 10th, Puyallup Fairgrounds,
WA), but I've also got some stuff that I know would probably never sell.
With that in mind, I'd like to offer the following to the listmembers.

        Two complete VCB02 video subsystems, including board sets, cab kits,
monitors (VR290's if I'm not mistaken), keyboards, 'hockey-puck' rodents,
and cabling. These are out of MicroVAX II's.

        A MicroVAX 2000 "Lunchbox" system. This is one that I kitted out to do
low-level formats on RD52 and RD53 drives in the form of adding a
longer-than-normal flat cable so the drive could be placed outside the box
and still remain connected.

        I'm pretty sure I have a couple of BA23 boxes I can part with.

        A DSD-880 floppy/hard drive subsystem with manuals, diag diskettes, and at
least one Qbus controller. I may or may not still have a Unibus controller
for it as well. Note that this is the only piece I'm going to ask for
actual money on (see below).

        I know I have some MicroVAX II CPU/Memory board sets. I can probably stand
to get rid of them.

        Various other bits and pieces that I have yet to go through. Possibly a
VAXStation 3100, probably a DECStation RISC box as well. I've yet to look.

        I would far rather see this stuff go to good homes than see it scrapped,
but I know it's sometimes hard to put a price on things. With that in mind,
here's how I'm going to work it.

        The only piece from this list that I'm going to ask for actual money on is
the DSD-880, mainly because it's complete right down to the rack slides,
and was known to be fully functional when removed from service about two
years ago. I would like to ask $50 or best offer for it.

        As for the rest of the stuff, it's going up as "Free to good home, but
donations to the 'Classic Collecting Fund' will not be refused." ;-)

        Pickup would be in Kent, WA, southeast of Seattle by about 30 or so miles.
I would greatly prefer not to ship anything due to other time-constraining
activities like school, running a side business, etc.

        Get in touch with me if anything looks tempting. Thanks much.

Bruce Lane, Owner and head honcho, Blue Feather Technologies
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