Sharp PC7000

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Sat Jan 27 16:41:38 2001

Hey folks, who's got one of the above subject machines? I found one over
at the Salvation Army store.

Looks very clean and complete: has the Operator's manual in a slipcase,
MSDOS manual (DOS v.2.1), keyboard, printer, vinyl slipcover, cables, some
floppies of s/w. They want $50 for it which is probably a little high.
Maybe I can negotiate it down to something better.

Found several hits on a NorthernLight search. One good photo to help show
what I'm talking about is at:

Some list members' collections show as hits too, but no descriptive info
was to be found in those links.

Anybody have any comments about this machine? How was the screen clarity?

Regards, Chris
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