OT memory too cheap to pass up

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Date: Sat Jan 27 21:34:44 2001

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>> Tony Duell wrote:
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>> > I believe the original IBM PC/AT had a resistor unit that was screwed to
>> > the chassis and connected to a drive power cable if there wasn't a hard
>> > disk installed. I think it was a load on the 12V power line, which was
>> > otherwise too lightly loaded (no hard disk spindle motor) to behave
>> > properly. I've never seen this device, and it's not shown in the techref
>> > (only in the HMS manual), so I can't be sure.
>> It decidedly existed. The first AT I owned arrived sans hard disk; when I
>I don't doubt it existed. It's shown in the Hardware Maintenance and
>Service manuals (if you're wondering why I have those board-swapper
>guides, it's because I was given them when I bought a second-hand set of
>What I have never managed to find out (and if anyone here knows, please
>let us all know) is (a) what power line this resistor loads (it has to be
>either +5V or +12V as it connects to a drive power connector) and (b)
>what is the resistance (and wattage) of this resistor.

   I have a resistor like that that I found in a HP PC clone expansion
chassis. I don't know the values off hand but I can dig it out and find
out. I saved the resistor to use as a dummy load for testing power supplies.

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