NeXT question

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Jan 28 19:46:43 2001

        Ok...I'm having a bit of trouble networking my NeXT with
other machines, specifically my Mac-clone. I have a piece of
software on my Mac called Vicomsoft SurfDoubler and it acts as a
gateway out to the 'net for other machines connected to it by way of
ethernet. I generally use this to easily download files from the
'net directly to other machines and have set it up pretty easily
using it's built-in DHCP server using both other Mac's and Window's
machines. Today, after recoving from a hard disk crash on my
NeXTstation I decided to load an older version of Ominweb and a few
other programs. Unfortunately, I can't get the NeXT and Mac to talk
to each other over the 10base-T ethernet link, using a twisted patch
cable so I don't have to have a hub installed. It's pretty obvious
that I don't know what I'm looking at as far as the NeXT setup. It's
running NeXTstep 3.3 (Academic bundle with User & Developer, with
Patch 2, and Enterprise Objects Framework 1.1). I'm also using a CD
called 'NeXTstep Objectware, Summer 1995', which is full of 3rd party
product demos, internet tools and drivers, which is where Omniweb
came from. Does anyone have any ideas?

        BTW, the NeXTstation Color does fall under the 10-year rule
for this list since it was introduced in 1990, though the version of
the OS I'm running came out in '95.

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