Needed: 4 - 4meg 72pin non-parity SIMMs

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Jan 29 04:33:53 2001

>On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Jeff Hellige wrote:
>> Would anyone by chance have 4 - 4meg 72pin non-parity SIMMs
>> available? I'd like to finish filling out the RAM in my
>> NeXTstation. Unfortunately, the 4meg SIMM is the largest that I can
>> use even though it has 8 SIMM slots.
>If it uses 72-pin SIMMs, it has only 2 banks (4 slots) and there's no
>reason you can't use larger SIMMs.

        Trust me, it's 8 slots of 72pin SIMMs. The early non-Turbo
Color slabs had 8 slots while the later Turbo slabs had 4 slots.
Also, I tried using standard non-parity double sided 8meg SIMMs in
the machine and it didn't work. The only NeXT I've seen listed as
supporting more than 32meg is the '040 Cube. Otherwise, as far as I
know, 8meg 72pin SIMMs will only work in the Turbo's.

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