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From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Jan 29 21:44:32 2001

At 10:45 AM 1/29/01 -0500, you Doug Q:
>> On a different tack, what's the group's thoughts about taxes etc? Should
>> tax people visit my site they might think I'm making a living from buying
>> and selling machines and may want a little extra cash out of me despite
>> fact I can probably prove it's impossible to make real money out of this
>> have a full time job and it really is a hobby....
>There is a long-established tradition here in America wherein we
>take great difference with a revenuer's (taxman's) attempt to
>enter the premises. The tradition involves guns and dead taxmen.
>All kidding aside, the 4th amendment to our Constitution elucidates
>our intrinsic right to be safe and secure in our persons and property
>from unwarranted intrusion. In other words, a U.S. citizen is never
>required to admit a government agent unless the agent has a warrant,
>and while it may happen from time to time, I don't think that revenue
>agents typically ask for and receive warrants to enter a private residence.

   Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Obviously you've never dealt with the IRS!!!!! They may
not "enter" your residence but they'll sure as hell padlock it shut until
they get what THEY want! As far as they're concerned you have about the
same rights that the Jews did in Nazi Germany!

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