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Date: Mon Jan 29 20:24:51 2001

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001 liste_at_artware.qc.ca wrote:

> I was given a TI-99/4A this week end. Has clean and has power and teevee
> cables. Only has the Number Madness cartridge, however. Haven't
> turned it on yet, but i've played with the keyboard. It has a nice
> tactile feel, especially compared to the dross that passes as a keyboard
> nowadays
> Is this thing compatible w/ "period" joysticks (like the atari's used)?
> Any other interesting info on this model?

Nope, it uses it's own proprietary controllers that are really hard to
find for some reason. You'd think there would be as many out there as TI
99/4a's themselves but apparently they weren't sold with the unit.

Uses a TI 9900 (16-bit) microprocessor.

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