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>A fast 16 bit CPU but a weird way of accessing memory made the thing
>slow IIRC

It had the potential of being a significant first 16 bitter. The muxing
of the bus
down to 8bits and really cost in speed.

>I think it was a costly & painfull venture for TI...

Ti was infamous for that.

>I am still looking for the expansion box / floppies for these...these
>rarer because so expensive back then...

Yes, but there was an aftermarket that was significant historically.

>I have accumulated too many and some will go in garbage at next
>inventory/cleaning...Ill keep the "inbox" ones...

NOTE: the video chip is extinct and same for a few other bits like the
GROMS so even if you strip them for the boards there are people
that might want them just for that.


>My 2 cents...
>Canuk Computer Collector
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>> I was given a TI-99/4A this week end. Has clean and has power and
>> cables. Only has the Number Madness cartridge, however. Haven't
>> turned it on yet, but i've played with the keyboard. It has a nice
>> tactile feel, especially compared to the dross that passes as a
>> nowadays
>> Is this thing compatible w/ "period" joysticks (like the atari's
>> Any other interesting info on this model?
>> -Philip
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