Spectrums, Ultrix, feeling old :)

From: Alex Holden <alex_at_linuxhacker.org>
Date: Tue Jan 30 12:39:13 2001

On Tue, 30 Jan 2001, Adrian Graham wrote:
> That was the +2B wasn't it? I know my +2B does things my +2A doesn't, like
> have a RAM drive and the like.

It definitely said +2A on the case, but I think it did have a RAM drive
actually... I sold it about seven years ago to somebody who wanted to use
it to learn to touch type.

> Would you like a Vic-20 to play with again then? :)

I still have my Brother's original one. Apparently he pre-ordered it
before the VIC 20 actually arrived in the UK, so it must be one of the
earliest ones. I think one or two of the keys are broken and the
modulator cable is a bit dodgy, but apart from that it still worked the
last time I tried it (about two years ago IIRC). We never had a tape drive
for it, so the only way to do anything with it was to type Basic in by

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