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From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Tue Jan 30 18:38:16 2001

jpero skrev:

>> I've sent a mail inquiring the hardware guy, he's having a go at another
>> 64- pin adapter now. =)

>Or if 98% of pins are standard in places, cut few traces and rewire?
>This is done for adapting generic 30 pins simms for few certain IBM

To clarify: He's making an adapter for plugging 72-pin SIMMs into a 64-pin

>> >While the connector may be the same, I'm sceptical that they are
>> >compatible; a few years ago I tried an AST 64-pin SIMM in my GVP card
>> >unsuccessfully.
>> What are those AST SIMMs used for anyway?

>AST machines and queer machines that use 64pin simms! I have bunch
>of those little 64pin 1MB and rare few 4MB usually comes out of AST
>486 bravo series cpu on a card types.

Hmm, I've got a 486 Bravo, but it uses 72-pinners. Still, it's a queer
machine. So far, no non-MS OS has worked on it.

>1. The # of chips on both 64pin and 72pin are same therefore 32bit
>per stick plus 1bit every byte of data for parity = 9 or 18, non
>parity 8 or 16 chips, except for some early 12 chip parity simms.

How's the pinout?

>AST is bad as Compaq using oddball memory modules in all shapes on
>many early to mid 90's compaq machines.


>IBM is not *that* bad like this, 99% of time these machines they
>produced since the ps/2 series used standard types except 25/30
>series (except make it work by this hack noted above) and few early
>to mid 90's used either standard or ECC in same machines. I'm not
>including those RS6000 series which is totally different animal to
>this topic.

Don't get me started on PS/2s. I collect them, but they are nightmares to get
going. The actual reason I started collecting them was that I found one in a
dumpster and found nout that not a single part could be reused in another

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