Needed: 4 - 4meg 72pin non-parity SIMMs

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Tue Jan 30 18:44:26 2001

jpero skrev:

>> > I disagree - if they use 72-pin SIMMs, they surely can't be older Macs.
>> > Older Macs use 30-pin or 64-pin modules. =)
>> No, there are some 72-pin SIMM Macs. The 7100 comes to mind.

>Actually that's later Macs. The earliest that do have 72 pin simms I
>can think of is LC III w/ 8MB which I have learning against TV stand
>to be used w/ BSD if I can not find 68882 rated for 25mhz FPU to use
>68k-linux because I don't wish to buy apple's 7.1 for it.

But why exactly OS 7.1? After all, you may download 7.5 for free from Apple,
as well as earlier versions. All save for 7.1.

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