booting from RQDX3

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Fri Jun 1 12:40:26 2001

So far I have never seen a third party Q-bus disk interface card that
did _not_ include a PDP-11 boot rom. I'm sure they exist but they
weren't made by the 'name' brands (CMD, Dilog, Emulex, etc) The funny
thing is that the boot may consist of four 64 x 4 TTL ROMs which look
like any other chip.


P.S. Does anyone know if you can convert a CMD CQD200/T into a CQD200/TM
? I like that it can talk nice to my exabyte but it would be even nicer
if it could talk nice to my disks too :-)

John Allain wrote:

> >Yup, this is why third party disk controllers always include a
> > 'boot rom' option.
> The sound I was looking for: ROM on card itself.
> Now: How common?
> Is this saying that DEC controllers will force moving the ROM
> out to the bus term card as a seperate FRU? And is it really
> always controller card resident for the 3rd partiers?
> John A.
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