HTML source code?? (was: Call for Resources for CDC

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Fri Jun 1 12:52:05 2001

> My favourite format for source code listings was the one adopted by Home
> Computer Magazine (formerly 99'er) shortly before they folded. It featured
> a nice, dark fixed font, listings for each program were continuous (not
> split into dozens of fragments throughout the magazine), and there were
> faint background lines showing the columns - very nice for counting spaces.
> I never saw another magazine that had anything remotely as nice.


> Cheers,
> Mark (whose eyesight has never fully recovered from typing in tiny, blurred
> listings 20 years ago).

Aha! It must be proportional fonts in source code that have caused my
eyes to not be as good as they were when I was 20!

OB_CC_Trivia: 1) Was the font of the IBM PC with or without serifs? (90%
answer incorrectly)
2) What was the primary complaint (other than not being enabled) about
the lower case in the original models of the TRS-80?

Grumpy Ol' Fred
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