booting from RQDX3

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Fri Jun 1 14:55:13 2001

On Jun 1, 13:02, John Allain wrote:
> >Yup, this is why third party disk controllers always include a
> > 'boot rom' option.
> The sound I was looking for: ROM on card itself.
> Now: How common?

For third-party controllers, extremely common. For DEC controllers, rare;
in fact I can't think of a single one that does.

> Is this saying that DEC controllers will force moving the ROM
> out to the bus term card as a seperate FRU? And is it really
> always controller card resident for the 3rd partiers?

Not necessarily or even usually on a bus terminator card. On the 11/24,
11/23+ and later Qbus processors (11/73+, 11/83, //53, 11/93), the ROMs are
on the processor card. For many Unibus machines, and the Qbus processors
that didn't weren't integrated with SLU, LTC, etc, it was often on a
separate ROM card or a multifunction (SLU/LTC/RAM/ROM: MXV11-A or MXV11-B)
card. The BDV11 used in 11/03 ansd 11/23 systems was unusual in being a
combined terminator/clock/bootstrap card (like a TEV11 or REV11 with

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