SCSI or Voodoo?

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Fri Jun 1 15:27:38 2001

> ST15150N Seagate 3.5" 4.3GB 1.6" Half Height SCSI H-ST-15150N
> Narrow 50-pin
> Assuming the jumpers are set correctly, should this work internally in a
> Quadra 700?

Having had personal experience with this drive ...

Yes, the ST15150N will work fine in a Q700. However, it's a half-height
drive. In my Power Mac 7300, the drive overheated within weeks and suffered
a complete head crash. Since a Q700's case is the same dimensions as a Mac
IIci, there's not a lot of clearance or ventilation space for this thing and
it runs *very* hot. If you want to use this drive -- and mind you it's very
fast, despite the heat issues -- you will almost certainly want to add
another fan or run the machine with the top off, or it will fry.

I would strongly advise finding a third-height drive like an Atlas II.
These are fast 50-pin drives (I replaced my Seagate ST15150 with an Atlas II
in that PM7300) and they don't have considerably better heat tolerance
because they're smaller and have more room to radiate it.

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