SCSI or Voodoo?

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Date: Fri Jun 1 12:32:35 2001

> BTW I even have a "real official" Micronet I think brand, drive carrier for
> a IIci/Q700 etc that holds a 5.25 half height drive.

Altas II as one suggested is still bit hot running HD than most
modern HDs. Btw it is 5 years old HD era. Find a way to have small
fan blowing along the bottom where logic board is.

Best choices is newer last generation 5400rpm SCSI drives with dense
per platter w/ large buffer size. Or much newer 2 or 3 years old
7200rpm SCSI drive usually are better specs and is cooler.

Actually Fireball ST SCSI is best choice for this IIci. It will max
out the IIci's scsi throughput.

BTW: Ford, I'm very interested how Micronet designed this unique
carrier to fit huge 5.25" HH drive in a little IIci. Describe how,
photos of on it's own and installed in that IIci would be helpful.
Web or by email attachment.

This is part of this interest because I'm expecting
IIci in the mail in about two weeks with other parts.


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