Amiga 1000 "disk change" stuck?

From: Patrick Ford <>
Date: Sat Jun 2 02:08:32 2001

Gidday Jonathan

On 02-Jun-01, you wrote:

> Questions:

> Is there some software way to force the computer to flush the
> disk cache and take a fresh look at a disk?


Diskchange DF0:

> Is an IBM-PC 1.44 meg floppy drive an adequate replacement for
> the original 800K internal drive, at least for reading?

Yes but there could be some cable and/or jumper fiddling. There's a
recent instruction file on Aminet regarding this.

There has been recent discussion about this in
comp.sys.amiga.hardware. If google has the news archives working
again, it may be simple to find, otherwise post the question again.
Subscribers are used to the same half dozen perennial ones appearing.
At least yours is more sensible than "Where can I get ROM images."

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