3.5" MFM hard disk

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sat Jun 2 16:25:59 2001

>Likely, but you must be sure that it has at least 4 heads and 153
>cylinders. The cylinder part is no problem - probably nothing available
>today would have less :) Another factor to consider is that the ST-506
>did not have buffered seek IIRC. That is not likely to be a concern
>either, but if you were going from a modern controller to the 506 it
>might be a problem.

        What I was thinking was that I'd substitute a more readily
handy drive, such as a 225, knowing that it was larger and that most
of it's space would be wasted due to the differences in parameters,
but that there would surely be enough headroom there in the heads and
cylinders that it would hopefully work ok. I remember there being
some tolerance for running MFM drives at settings that didn't match
thier physical layout, as we had to do it on occasion when we had a
drive which didn't fit any of the 'normal' drive types in the
AMI/Phoenix/Award BIOS tables and it was before user-derfinable drive
types. Since the 506 is a full height, this might be a good
candidate to try and use my Tandon TM502 with. I also have a ST225,
which I like more than the Tandon, but I'll likely use it to replace
a faulty drive in a Z-100.

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