Anyone ever seen a TRAN M3000?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Jun 2 18:54:20 2001

On Jun 2, 11:19, Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
> > >In a few weeks, I'll put a diagram of the Indiana
> > >University Computing Network cira 1974 up on my web
> > >site so you can see the role it played. You'll need
> > >a WHIP! viewer (from Autodesk's web site) to view it.
> >
> > If the diagram is of that vintage and not going to be
> > changed, why post it in Autocad format where it needs a special
> > plug-in to view it?
> I haven't been able to create a raster image of it
> that preserves all the visible details without it
> being smaller than 2MB. I can't dedicate that much
> of my precious homepage storage space to a single
> item. The DWF file (and likewise a DXF) are a few
> orders of magnitude smaller.

Doug, I have a piece of software that *might* be able to read the DXF file
and output PostScript. It depends on what's in the DXF file (DXF is a very
loosely defined and badly documented format so sometimes I find DXF that
doesn't translate).

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