Thinking and work (was: Lisas)

From: Lists <>
Date: Sun Jun 3 05:13:50 2001

[ Firstly, the on-topic bit... ]

I've got an HP 712/80 here with HPUX 10.20 (I think - I do have HPUX 11
media here, but I've not yet plugged in a CD-ROM to install it).

What sort of RAM does this thing take? I'm pretty sure it's nothing as
standard as normal SIMMS.

[ Secondly, the off-topic bit... ]

> Most definitely! :-) Many employers don't like people to think, it
> seems; they just want 'droids.


> Do NOT accept a position where nepotism exists

Amen - I've been fighting this for the last 5 years. We were sold 2+
years ago and bought by a company with the same problem (although nowhere
near as bad).

> and where you know what changes need to be made in order to make
> things work right (Just keep yout mouth shut and don't try to to make
> helpful suggestions, and don't grab the bull by the horns like I did
> and go ahead and start to implement some of them...).

I can relate to that also. Good ideas are really bad ideas until 6 months
later when management suddenly have this great idea that sounds just like
the one you mentioned 6 months prior.

> For example, suggesting the ditching of SCO OpenServer and installing
> a real database (e.g. Oracle or PostgreSQL) to replace

In our case, trying to convince management that using a real database for
their critical accounting system would be better than a transactionless
MySQL server.
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