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From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sun Jun 3 09:02:51 2001

>And what're all you ClassicCmpers doing reading e-mail on Windows PCs and
>Macs anyhow? How embarassing. :-)

        There are certainly very usable Mac's still on the 'net over
10 years old. Afterall, one of the things the machines are known for
is their longevity. Get an early version of Eudora Light or Claris
Emailer, plus FreePPP, and even the early compact Macs make nice
email systems that don't need a whole lot of space. A Windows
machine of the same vintage.. I'd just as soon not try that ever

        One of these days I"ll finally get STiK configured and
working on my ST. Had quite a bit of trouble with it in the past and
haven't messed with it in a number of years. For a couple of years,
the main thing I used the ST for was offline BBS message browsing.

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