Need help :) MicroVax-II

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Date: Sun Jun 3 07:36:19 2001

On 3 Jun, Geoff Reed wrote:

> I just inherited a pair of MV-II . they are mostly complete, I seem to be
> missing the console serial adaptor with the switches for one of them...
That is bad. I dont know if it is possible to operate the KA630 CPU
board without the bulkhead.
What type of enclosure do you have?
How much RAM?
Have a look at for further hardware

> also does anyone have a MV-II ethernet board?
I have several of them, in my several QBus VAXen and PDP11s. :-)
What you want is a DEC DELQA card, Type M7516 or M3127.

> or any other interesting MV-II boards :)
Depends on your needs. Perhaps a QDSS accelerated framebuffer? :-)

> I'd love to get these up and running. I got a SCSI card
> fo unknown manufacture (haven't id'd it yet)
Oh! You are in BIG luck! These cards are rare and one of the most
wanted parts for QBus machines.

> and am hoping to get this
> beastie up and running soon :) what OS can I run on it???
VMS, Ultrix, NetBSD, 4.3BSD-Tahoe, 4.3BSD-Reno, ???. My recomendation is
NetBSD, as it is my prefered OS.
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