[classiccmp] on subject line

From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <jss_at_ou.edu>
Date: Sun Jun 3 15:25:35 2001

Quoting Brian Chase <bdc_at_world.std.com>:
> And what're all you ClassicCmpers doing reading e-mail on Windows
> PCs and Macs anyhow?

Well, I use my university's webmail system, as I like being able to
read my mail from anywhere. It's got only basic features, but it
seems to be good at them.

That said, I typically am reading it within an IE window on a Windows
box; as much as I hate Windows and Micro$oft, I have yet to experience
an acceptable (to me) browser on my FreeBSD machine (though Konqueror
is looking pretty good these days). Plus, I at least have to keep
Windows around for my beloved Everquest...

Oh dear, here come the flames!

Jeffrey S. Sharp
Received on Sun Jun 03 2001 - 15:25:35 BST

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