Unisys "Micro A"

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Sun Jun 3 20:52:07 2001

Thanks for the tip.
I went to comp.sys.unisys and I'm starting to get answers and
that's what they're saying (MCP).
I'd like to see this come up myself. WT(f) is MCP?

Looks like i need a clue too on the two SCSI controllers.
If I use the unused one (vis a vis internal cables), It won't boot
OS/2 (probable primary drive conflict). If I camp it on the
busy controller it is seen by Unisys but not by OS/2.

John A.

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My guess would be a PC sized version of a Unisys A series Mainframe. I
don't know anything about them..... just that they exist. You might
inquire in the Unisys newsgroup.

Chad Fernandez

> Add-Ons:
> Unisys "Micro A" CPU card (perhaps DC113)
> daughter memory card
> two multiplexed serial cards
> Another Adaptec SCSI card,
> apparently for the Uni half of the system.
> Another Internal SCSI drive
> two external drives
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