Building a new COSMAC Elf

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Jun 4 09:47:31 2001

--- Bob Armstrong <> wrote:
> I have the original Popular Electronics Elf articles, but I'd like to have
> a look at the schematics for the Quest or Netronics Elf versions too. Does
> anybody have copies that they can share?

I have the Quest plans (and an Elf to go with them!). I can see about putting
them up. I wish I had a xerox of the PCB before I had put any parts on it.
My soldering skills at that age weren't very developed (nor were my tools of
sufficient quality - RatShack claims another teenage victim)
I had been working on a new 1802 design of my own, but it stalled when I was
unable to tranfer the schematics from OrCAD for DOS to some kind of layout
package. I have an original copy of PADS PCB, but I can't find the dongle.
I have OrCAD layout software, but I'm having problems with getting from the
schematic phase to the rats-nest phase in the layout software. I put it all
on the back burner over a year ago and haven't had the time to pick it back
up. Has anyone here used ExpressPCB? I saw an ad in Nuts and Volts, but
know nothing about it.


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