Interesting web page on VAXen

From: Clint Wolff <>
Date: Mon Jun 4 10:15:29 2001

I ran across this page whilst surfing...

Basically, it's Dennis Ritchies notes from their first meeiting with
DEC on the VAX 11/780...

Classic quote:

They talked some about software. It was rather depressing. Most of it will
be emulated. (Presumably in a 2MB machine you will still have to tell the
assembler how
big a symbol table to use.) The system itself will be new, but
unimaginative. They did not seem to understand, for example, why or even
how the command
interpreter should be a separate process and not in the system, and why
commands themselves should be processes. They are also still stuck mostly
in assembly
language. There are companies that are learning about how to write
software, but DEC is evidently not one of them.

Guess what OS their talking about :)

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