SCSI or Voodoo?

From: Patrick Ford <>
Date: Mon Jun 4 17:50:38 2001

Gidday Cameron

On 05-Jun-01, you wrote:

>>>> ST15150N Seagate 3.5" 4.3GB 1.6" Half Height SCSI H-ST-15150N
>>>> Narrow 50-pin

>>> It should, but I don't have a lot of confidence in old Seagate
>>> drives.

>> Hmm, if that's one of the Barracuda drives, I've run one for several
>> years without trouble. They do get *very* hot though, so make sure you've
>> got a decent cooling system.

> Yes, it's a 7200rpm Barracuda, and having had this same exact model, it
> runs *very* hot indeed.

I have used a couple of these Seagate drives and there is definitely
no exaggeration in your assesment of their temperature. They were not
originally designed as hard drives, but came from Seagates abortive
attempt to enter the home appliance market. It was only after meeting
very strong consumer resistance because of their propensity for burnimg
food that they were rebadged as HDs.

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