Tantalum Popcorn - What to do (Was S-100 Bus Voltages)

From: Edwin P. Groot <epgroot_at_ucdavis.edu>
Date: Mon Jun 4 19:06:05 2001

     Luckily I had no flames or holey boards! After checking my terminal
settings, cabling, etc., should I power up with those burnt caps in place,
or should I desolder them and leave their contacts on the boards open?
     Didn't connect the floppies yet. Just wanted to see if I was going to
get messages on the terminal from the ROMs first.


At 12:55 PM 6/4/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>I had this experience before with a Sol-20. Aside from being loud and
>smelly, the tantalum caps exploding really shouldn't hinder the operation
>of the system. Tantalum caps on older systems like S-100's that haven't
>been powered up in some time are prone to exploding.
>If you have a problem it's most likely related to some other failure.
>Perhaps you should check to make sure you have matching settings on
>your serial port and terminal. Also, make sure your cable is the right
>kind (straight through...NOT a "null-modem" cable).
>Also, maybe your system is expecting a boot disk to do anything useful.
>Did you notice if your drives are spinning when you fire it up?
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