RM Nimbus PC1

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Mon Jun 4 19:59:26 2001

Adrian Graham skrev:

>Hi folks,

>I remember a discussion on here a few months ago about Intel 80186 machines
>and one of the better ones was the RM (Research Machines) Nimbus PC1, which
>was also known for having a PicoNet port as well as a largely unknown
>'network' port. I came across 2 of these today in a junk shop that haven't
>got the 'network' port but they *have* got everything else.

I think we established that the network port was Omninet, or Corvus.

>Anyone interested in them? One has a keyboard but the other doesn't. Looking
>at it though I suspect a bog-standard IBM-compatible keyboard will do the
>trick - I can try it if anyone shows interest. There's pix of a PC1 on the
>museum site below, just follow the links to the Research Machines page.

I'd like to see those pictures, but I'm only met by a nosy inquiry about my
resolution, for whatever reason, and none of the links work.

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