More PDP11/70 boards for trade

From: Beth Anheier <>
Date: Tue Jun 5 09:33:21 2001


I have some more pdp11/70 boards up for trade. All the boards have the
mounting hardware. I have no means to test their operation, so can?t
guarantee their functionality. Some of the capacitors etc are damaged by
poor handling, but look repairable. Shipping is on your nickel unless
trading components have similar shipping fees. Please email me directly,
not on newlist.

Thanks Norm

3 each - M8728 MK11 U 64-Kword 39-bit MOS memory array (11/70,
2 each - M8144 KB11-C U 11/70 cache data memory
M8126 FP11-C U 11/70 fraction processor, high order
M8128 FP11-C U 11/70 floating point ROM control
M8132 KB11-C U 11/70 instruction register decode & condition
M8134 KB11-C U 11/70 processor data & UNIBUS registers module
M8130 KB11-C U 11/70 data paths module
M8149 MJ11 U 11/70 memory transceiver card
M7984 MS11-KE * 16-Kword 39-bit MOS RAM array
M8139 KB11-C U 11/70 timing generator module (different board
form factor)
G066 ??
M6728 ??

I also have a box of DEC ribbon cables. Most have DEC part numbers.

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