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From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Jun 6 08:13:54 2001

Ebay has been doing nothing BUT changing the interface - you can no longer
see email addresses unless the auction is closed and you are buyer or
seller - you go thru a "ask seller a question" interface. Also added is a
"signin/sign-out" system, background arrangements, links to relisted/like
item from a closed page, putting reason in early closure auctions, banned
list for people you don't want bidding on any of your auctions (up to 1000
usernames) as well as a pre-authorized bidder list for a specific auction
and a whole bunch of things - some helpful, some agravating and some just a
pain in the butt.

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> >> Cool, but I'm just wondering why anyone in their right mind
> would attempt
> >> to compete with eBay at this point?
> >
> >I fully agree!!!!! Going head to head against ebay is the height of
> >stupidity at this point.
> Adding features, having a better design, and especially appealing
> to niche markets would be a great way to compete with eBay
> but not a bad way to start a business. There are lots
> of big, big companies setting up auction sites to move product
> business-to-business, and I bet you've never heard their names.
> I can't think of any significant change to eBay's UI in the
> last few years.
> They do have a private auction feature where the seller
> pre-authorizes the bidders, don't they?
> - John
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