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From: Jeffrey l Kaneko <>
Date: Wed Jun 6 12:53:48 2001

That's why they changed it! They refused to consider the benefit
it was to *users*-- only that they figured that it was taking money
out of their pocket!

Obviously, the general manager of E-Pay is a graduate of the
Bill Gates School of Business.

School Motto: 'Userium, Illigitium, Screvvium'*

*Translation: (Loosely) 'Users-- Screw the Bastards!"


On Wed, 6 Jun 2001 13:24:35 EDT writes:
> grrrr, it sucks. I have to clear out all kinds of javascript errors
> running my favourite netscape 3... I really miss the option to
> email sellers. Good deals could be made that way!

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