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From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Wed Jun 6 13:37:54 2001

>Russ Blakeman wrote:

> That's why they did it - too many "no fee" deals that kept them out of the
> loop. Some people think that it's just a privacy upgrade but then when you
> use their form to send mail, a copy can be intercepted, so you have to watch
> what you write. I normally do a question to the seller and ask them to write
> me directly at a specific address, then hit them with my
> thoughts/ideas/deal. When you mention that you want to buy it right away and
> by early closure it would preclude the final value fee (especially on really
> low priced things- you basically make squat) they usually perk up and
> listen.

Jerome Fine replies:

In most cases, the exact cost of shipping is not stated. Although I have
never found an item interesting enough to try and go around eBay, I always
attempt to verify the exact shipping cost plus also verify what the total
price will be - namely will there also be a handling and/or insurance
charge. If a vendor will not reply to that question, I doubt that a private
deal would be possible. So, just ask for the exact cost of shipping.

> I do like the way that the question-to-the-seller automagically enters the
> item number and title though, that way you're not guessing about what their
> point is towards.
> > I really miss the option to directly email
> > sellers. Good deals could be made that way!

That part does help. And since I use (even an old version of) Netscape,
I just need to click on the URL line to get back to the actual auction page.

So in general, I don't see where eBay has plugged the possibility of
private deals - just e-mail the vendor with a legitimate question and
when there is a response take it from there.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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