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From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Jun 6 17:33:39 2001

I bought something (PS/2 model 70 with IEEE 488) back in 98 and then the SOB
wanted to charge me $45 to ship it (said he had it in the auction post but
it said nothing of a flat fee) so I wrote ebay and they bumped *me* - so I
created a new account (2 actually) and started all over and I looked later
to find that the clown that was trying to rip me off was permanently barred
(a month after I was) and had since gone to exclusively ripping people off
thru Yahoo! auctions. I've never had a problem since other that a user named
"polbit" tell me that a perfect machine I shipped was junk and wanted a
refund/exchange. When I asked him the serial he never wrote back and posted
a neg in my feedback (like 1 neg is going to hurt over 250 pos comments).
The new system of allowing you to bar by username helped as I now have this
person barred and he/she can't bid on any more of my auctions. I think he
had bought my good condition one to replace a junker he had and thought he
could con me into a refund of the junker but didn't expect a seller to
record serials or even have a picture of condition of each item that is
shipped (I keep them for 45 days and delete). Yet I've had items ship like a
Dataproducts Typhoon 20 (75 lb printer same as a Compaq Pagemarq 20) that
UPS dropped but the reciever was patient and asked for help in figuring out
why the "top open" message was displayed when it was shut, and when we
figured it out she epoxied it rather than making a claim - even though I
offered to pay shipping back, repair it and reship - or totally refund after
the claim was received. She's happy and I am amazed. I guess the buyer
realized that it wasn't my fault and that it was a relatively simple problem
and could fix it herself.

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> Anybody have a Good story relating to eBay and Fraud?
> For me it's 3 years (good), 300+ purchases (good), 1 fraud (Bad).
> All eBay did was delist the seller and respond to me with a
> form letter. Presumably eBay had some contact information on
> the seller. Shouldn't they've contacted the ISP & Police about
> this? I was surprized a Police case wasn't started on them.
> John A.
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