Will trade classic HW for CP/M 2.2 help!

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Wed Jun 6 18:25:43 2001

To any CP/M 2.2 users with 8-inch SSSD floppy disks...

I'm restoring an Imsai 8080, and at this point my hardware is working very
well, but I need some assistance with the software.

If any list member can help, I'm willing to trade classic hardware such as an HP
9830A desktop programmable (in basic!) calculator, a Symbolics 3645 Lisp Machine
(with 2 monitors, and full doc set), a Solid State Music S-100 bus music
synthisizer, DEC goodies, etc...

Lets make a deal....without eBay.....

All the hardware for trade is located in centeral MA, not too far from the site
for VCF East!
Who ever gets this deal, and helps get this Imsai up to the A:> prompt WILL be
made happy.

(and share in the satisfaction of saving this particular Imsai from the dust bin
of history)

My problem is this:

I need a bootable 8-inch, SSSD CP/M 2.2 disk made with a BIOS for my hardware...
I do have full documentation for all the hardware installed in my system.

I have an Imsai 8080 with 40K of RAM, a Tarbell 1101-D floppy controller with 2
drives, and a Solid State Music IO-4 board. There are some old CP/M 1.3 disks
that came
with the system, and they ~appear~ to boot, but I get no console I/O. Most of the
claim to be for memory configurations larger than I currently have.

I can disable the Tarbell boot code and enter small programs by hand, and I've
verifed that
the SSM IO-4 boards serial port is fully operational. Attempting to boot a 24K
CP/M 1.3
disk ~looks~ like its working, the head loads and unloads several times, data gets
into memory by the boot loader code from the floppy, but no console I/O.

Who knows what hardware config this disk expects, it appears to be a very early
install for this Imsai, and its clearly been expanded several times since this
disk was cut.

I'd also LOVE to upgrade the many 2102 based Ram boards with any non-2102 based
board. I do have 22 slots, but 4K and 8K boards just take up too much room.

So, is anyone out there with 8-inch CM/M 2.2, and who is just dying for a
Symbolics 3645?

Just 'gottahave' an HP9830A (all key caps, unbroken plastic, etc) LED dot matrix
(check one out on the HP calculator museum site, clearly collectable...)

Drop me a line off the list, and lets make a deal!
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