Will trade classic HW for CP/M 2.2 help!

From: ajp166 <ajp166_at_bellatlantic.net>
Date: Wed Jun 6 18:54:11 2001


I'm not far away, Maybe I can help. FYI I have NO data on the tarbell
controller but if the disk is standard SSSD I can help.

No interest in the HP or symbolics though, too far off my collection.


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Date: Wednesday, June 06, 2001 7:42 PM
Subject: Will trade classic HW for CP/M 2.2 help!

>To any CP/M 2.2 users with 8-inch SSSD floppy disks...
>I'm restoring an Imsai 8080, and at this point my hardware is working
>well, but I need some assistance with the software.
>If any list member can help, I'm willing to trade classic hardware such
as an HP
>9830A desktop programmable (in basic!) calculator, a Symbolics 3645 Lisp
>(with 2 monitors, and full doc set), a Solid State Music S-100 bus music
>synthisizer, DEC goodies, etc...
>Lets make a deal....without eBay.....
>All the hardware for trade is located in centeral MA, not too far from
the site
>for VCF East!
>Who ever gets this deal, and helps get this Imsai up to the A:> prompt
>made happy.
>(and share in the satisfaction of saving this particular Imsai from the
dust bin
>of history)
>My problem is this:
>I need a bootable 8-inch, SSSD CP/M 2.2 disk made with a BIOS for my
>I do have full documentation for all the hardware installed in my
>I have an Imsai 8080 with 40K of RAM, a Tarbell 1101-D floppy controller
with 2
>drives, and a Solid State Music IO-4 board. There are some old CP/M 1.3
>that came
>with the system, and they ~appear~ to boot, but I get no console I/O.
Most of the
>claim to be for memory configurations larger than I currently have.
>I can disable the Tarbell boot code and enter small programs by hand,
and I've
>verifed that
>the SSM IO-4 boards serial port is fully operational. Attempting to
boot a 24K
>CP/M 1.3
>disk ~looks~ like its working, the head loads and unloads several times,
data gets
>into memory by the boot loader code from the floppy, but no console I/O.
>Who knows what hardware config this disk expects, it appears to be a
very early
>install for this Imsai, and its clearly been expanded several times
since this
>disk was cut.
>I'd also LOVE to upgrade the many 2102 based Ram boards with any
non-2102 based
>board. I do have 22 slots, but 4K and 8K boards just take up too much
>So, is anyone out there with 8-inch CM/M 2.2, and who is just dying for
>Symbolics 3645?
>Just 'gottahave' an HP9830A (all key caps, unbroken plastic, etc) LED
dot matrix
>(check one out on the HP calculator museum site, clearly collectable...)
>Drop me a line off the list, and lets make a deal!
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