DEC Board, need help with info on...

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Thu Jun 7 03:52:57 2001

On June 7, Geoff Reed wrote:
> The 29-28310-01 is off a digital label.
> also on the board are
> 90-0000308-001
> and
> 91-0000308-001-01
> (C) 1989 Corrolary INC.
> it's an ISA board with an 80186 2 zilog z0853004PSC's an AM9517A-5 and a
> boatload of pals on it, it looks kind of like a multiport serial card it
> has mac looking ports on it that look just like the serial ports on a
> macintosh or sparc IPC/IPX. (Mini-din8?) sorry, my memory is trashed this
> am...
> and i might be able to throw a picture online of it soon....

  Hmm...Z8530 is a [very nice] dual-channel serial I/O chip and the
Am9517 is a DMA controller...which, rather decidedly, makes it a
high-speed multiport serial card.

  The Z8530 is capable of synchronous and HDLC/SDLC operation as well,
up to 2mbps if memory serves. I have no idea what this particular
board was built to do, but it could even be something fancy like that.

              -Dave McGuire
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