FOR TRADE...: APPLE IIGS Official Pubs. BOOKS reference Harware/Software manual set series (last time - they really gotta please...)

From: Claude.W <>
Date: Thu Jun 7 11:23:53 2001

Yes, I have posted these before, bear with me please...its the last time...

Well I have stumbled upon this box full of books again that I have offered a
few times here. A few trade offers fell through but now I hope to get these
to a good home...they must go now as part of my Spring cleaning 2001 project
(now extending into summer 2001...)

I would like to trade these - I dont use ebay to buy or sell so they wont go

Id like to get something in return because I paid a bit of $ for these when
I got them as part of a Apple IIgs bundle....

They are a box full of all the reference manuals for the IIgs hardware and
software, I think 9-10 hard/softcover books in all.

Toolbox reference vol 1,2,3...programmer intro to the Apple IIgs, etc...

See a pic at :

I would except a trade for vintage stuff (home/hobby 8 bits/16 bits) not too
common or better yet : as recent as possible SUN or SGI

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