Misc computer boards available for trade

From: Beth Anheier <anheier_at_owt.com>
Date: Thu Jun 7 15:44:40 2001

I am cleaning out my closets and have the following available. I am mostly
interested in trades for older CPUs, coprocessors etc. All the board should
be in good working order, but no guarantees. Shipping is on your nickel.

Please email me directly at anheier_at_owt.com.
Thanks Norm

1) Intel EtherExpress 16TP Lan Adapter, ISA bus.
2) NuVista+ Video digitizer for macintosh, can drive external VGA monitor,
software and manual, Nubus bus.
3) SuperMac Video card for one of their monitors, Nubus bus
4) Mac IIci Cache Card, macintosh cache slot
5) Orchid Technology Prodesigner II video card, IBM MCA bus
6) UDS_ISSII PC/ISA SCSI Port card, ISA bus
7) Ungermann-Bass Ethernet Adapter, ISA bus
8) Apple Hi-Res Display Video card, Nubus bus
9) SCSI LVD/SE, Ultra2 SCSI card, IBM MCA bus
10) UMAX computer, M604e 150MHz daughter card, tested to work in apple 7600,
8600, etc.
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