Motorola 88000

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Jun 7 16:23:12 2001

> Not that I want to provide the canonical list of 88k machines, but I'm
> guessing DG sold the most 88000 machines. I personally used a Tektronics
> XD88, which was a beast performer at the time. Encore built a big 88k
> multi, as did BBN. There were a lot of MVME-based systems, with various
> badges. There are a bunch of rare/odd machines as well (the Omron Luna is
> significant because of it's role in developing Mach). As one poster pointed

> out, Apple considered using the 88000 (including producing prototype
> hardware and partially porting MacOS), as did NeXT.

The Apollo Domain DN10000 used up to (was it 8?) 88k cpu's... it
was modular in some way, so that a system could be expanded.

I hope to add a DN10000 to the collection, eventually...

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